ActiveX Technologies

ActiveX ControlsLightweight controls and user interface widgets
ActiveX DocumentsAllows applications such as Word and Excel documents to be displayed in web browsers
Active ScriptingJavaScript, VBScript and JScript are used to add interactivity to web pages and ActiveX controls
Java AppletsSmall controls and user interface widgets written in Java. This is the most efficient form of embedding into web pages since Java is like C in that it is close to machine code. Thus compiled Java Applets have two advantages over all other forms of web page embedding. Firstly, Java Applets are very small and download very quickly. Secondly, since Java Applets are small and close to machine code and therefore they execute very, very fast. The mistake that most developers make with Java Applets is that since they are efficient more functionality is put into them at once. It is better to use Java Applets as small functional items rather than large units of functionality.
The Java Virtual MachineAn extension to the Java operating system which allows Java Applets to run.
ActiveX Server FrameworkActiveX extensions for the web server