ActiveX Common Attributes

All ActiveX controls have some common attributes in addition to attributes specific to each individual ActiveX control. An ActiveX control is embedded into a web page using the OBJECT tag and its attributes are submitted to the ActiveX control using the PARAM tag.

ActiveX Controls Common Attributes

AttributeCLASSID Value
IDThe name of the control; how the control will be referenced in script
WIDTHThe width of the control in pixels (visual controls only)
HEIGHTThe height of the control in pixels (visual controls only)
CLASSIDThe class identifier. A string of letters and numbers which uniquely identifies the control
CODEBASEAllows specification of an internet address where the ActiveX control specified can be found and downloaded

Below is an example of the use of the OBJECT and PARAM tags for embedding an ActiveX object into a web page.

<OBJECT ID="Label3D"
	<PARAM NAME="Text" VALUE="Thisd is a 3D label">
	<PARAM NAME="Angle" VALUE="0">
	<PARAM NAME="BorderStyle" VALUE="0">