What is ASP ?

Essentially ASP is an HTML page extended with ASP statements. ASP statements can also control the appearance of text and HTML tags outside the script blocks. Each call of the ASP file controls the appearance of a web page. ASP is in actuality a combination of a number of technologies as listed below.

  1. Microsoft Internet Information Server (MS IIS). This is a web server. This is a program which runs on the server mahcine and responds when a client types the web page address into their browser. MS IIS is a tool which is used to run and administer a web site

  2. ASP (Active Server Pages) is a combination of a number of technologies (computer languages) which allow dynamic (changeable) access between a web server and clients (users) machines. ASP commonly uses VBScript, JSScript, ADO, etc. and only runs on MS IIS. It also does not work well with Netscape browsers and does not run on Unix platforms

  3. VBScript is a browser extension of Visual Basic. JScript is Microsoft's answer to JavaScript

  4. DAO (Data Access Objects) is commonly used to access database engines such as MSAccess using the Jet database drivers. Generally restricted to Microsoft products such as VB, Word and Excel to access the MSAccess database

  5. ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) are drivers used commonly in a browser or even an SDK environment such as Visual Basic to access any database engine such as Oracle, Ingres, Informix, etc. ADO can push information into a web page on a web site. ADO provides what is called OLE DB (object link embedded database) drivers between any SDK or browser that can embed ActiveX objects and most currently available database engines. ADO would be used to read information from an Oracle database, for instance, and send that information into ASP which would produce web pages containing the data extracted from that Oracle database. ADO is generally an ActiveX version of ODBC. Its general objective is probably SDK and platform independance

  6. Both ADO and DAO would use SQL (structured query language - not to be confused with SQL-Server) as base-level commands to communicate with a relational database engine