Borders in DHTML

Border Width

A border is a specified area around an element. A border can have values such as color set for it.

P { border-width: 20px 40px 80px 160px; }

Border Width on a Side

Border widths on sides of elements can be set in inches.

.left { border-left: 3in; }
.right {border-right: 2in; }

Border Color

Border colors are listed as top, right, bottom and left.

IMG { border-color: red green blue purple; }

Border Decoration

Border sytles can be dotted, dashed, solid, double, groove, ridge, inset or outset.

P { border-style: inset; border-width: 10px; }

Multiple Border Values

IMG, P { border: 20px double #990000; }

Multiple Border Values on a Side

.left { border-left: 5px double red; }
.right { border-right: 10px ridge blue; }
.top { border-top: 20px inset green; }
.bottom { border-bottom: 5px groove black; }