Text Phrase and Paragraph Tags in HTML

Text Phrases and Paragraphs - Text phrases (blocks) can be structured to suit a specific purpose such as creating a paragraph. This should not be confused with modifying the formatting of the text.

ABBRcore, eventsThe material enclosed within this tag is the abbreviated form whereas the long form is defined by attributes within the tag
ACRONYMcore, eventsUsed to define acronyms
ADDRESScore, eventsProvides a special format for addresses. The BR element is used inside the ADDRESS tag to break the lines of an address
BLOCKQUOTEcore, eventsUsed to display long quotations
 cite="..."URL of the quoted text
BRcore, eventsForces a line break
 clear="..."Sets location where next line begins after a floating object
CITEcore, eventsCites a reference
CODEcore, eventsIdentifies a code fragment for display
DELcore, events
 cite="..."Shows text as having been deleted from document since last change. URL of the source document
 datetime="..."Date and time of change
DFNcore, eventsIdentifies a code fragment for display
EMcore, eventsEmphasized text. The same as the I tag
INScore, eventsShow text as having been inserted into the document since the last change
 cite="..."URL of the source document
 datetime="..."Indicates date and time of change
KBDcore, eventsIndicates text a user would type
Pcore, eventsDefines a paragraph. Note that the second ending paragraph tag is not mandatory
 align="..."COLOR="#FFE0E0">Controls alignment (left, center, right, justify)
PREcore, eventsDisplays pre-formatted text. This means that the text is displayed as it appears in the HTML text file. HTML does not re-interpret text between PRE tags
 width="..."Width of the pre-formatted text
Qcore, eventsUsed to display short quotations which do not require paragraph breaks
 cite="..."URL of the quoted text
SAMPcore, eventsIdentifies sample output
STRONGcore, eventsStonger emphasis of characters. The equivalent of the B tag
SUBcore, eventsSubscript characters. Small characters placed below larger characters
SUPcore, eventsSuperscript characters. Small characters placed above larger characters
VARcore, eventsDeclares a variable