A JavaScript Glossary of Terms

ActiveXA technology developed by Microsoft to allow components to be created, primarily for windows computers. ActiveX components (controls) can be embedded into web pages.
appletA Java program designed to be embedded into a web page.
argumentParameters passed into functions when calling a function.
arrayA group of variables referenced to by the same name using an index.
BooleanA variable which can store two values only; true and false.
concatenateAdding two strings into a single string.
conditionalA control statement which performs something dependant upon the result of a question. For example, the if statement.
decrementThis is to decrease a variable by 1. JavaScript uses the -- (decrement operator).
debugFinding of errors or bugs in a program.
elementThis is a single member of an array referenced by an index into that array.
eventSomething which happens causes an event to occur. Events can be triggered by user actions.
expressionA combination of constants, variables and operators which can be evaluated to a single value.
functionA group of commands which are put into an executable unit.
HTMLHTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the language used in web documents. JavaScript commands can be included in HTML documents and even embedded into HTML tags. HTML tags are the individual commands in HTML.
incrementThis is to increase a variable by 1. JavaScript uses the ++ (increment operator).
interpreterAn interpreter interprets commands. JavaScript has an interpreter which interprets its commands to the browser.
JavaJava is more complex than JavaScript. JavaScript is a script version of Java. A scripting language is used to create small lists of instructions for a single task. Java is a full application development language. JavaScript is the script version of Java. Java can be used to create applets. Applets can be embedded into web pages.
JavaScriptJavaScript is the scripting language version of Java.
loopA loop is a set or block of statements which are executed a specified number of times. The loop is the control for the number of iterations of that block of statements.
methodA method is a special type of function. A method is stored within an object and acts upon the properties of that object. The method will be stored with the template of the object (class) and will act upon an instance of that class.
NavigatorAnother name for the Netscape browser. The Netscape browser was the first browser to support JavaScript.
objectAn object is a type of variable which can store the state and possible operations of a real-world object.
operatorA character used to operate on variables and constants in expressions.
parameterA parameter is an item passed into a function.
propertyA property is stored as a part of an object describing a part of a state of an object.
scopeThe part of a program in which a variable is available.
statementA single line of a script or program.
stringA group of text characters which can be stored into a variable..
variableA variable is actually an area of memory in your computer which can store an object or a variable value. Some variables store items of information or addresses to other items of information..
VBScriptVBScript is a scripting language supported by the Internet Explorer only. It was developed by Microsoft and based on the syntax of Visual Basic.