About Scripting in JavaScript

Alternatives to JavaScript


CGI - Common Gateway Interface

CGI is not really a language but a specification that allows programs to run on Web servers. CGI programs can be written in a number of languages, including Perl, C and Visual Basic.

Data input on a web page is sent to CGI programs.

CGI executes on the server. JavaScript applications execute on the client (in the browser). The browser has a better response time than the server since the process is running on the client machine and not running on the server aswell as being transferred over the internet in both directions.

CGI programs can read and write data, JavaScript can not.


ActiveX allows ordinary windows programs to be run on a web page as included, downloaded components. Like Java applets. However, controls can be permanently installed on the browser machine negating the need to download on every re-use. ActiveX is cute but works on windows platforms and in the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser ONLY !!! There are a lot of Netscape users out there.