Jasmine Press Release

ISLANDIA, N.Y, January 6th. Computer Associates International, Incorporated today announced that Java Developer's Journal (JDJ), the premier print publication targeting Java development professionals, has named CA's Jasmine ii the Most Innovative Java Product of the Year.

JDJ listed its products of the year in its December 1999 issue. It recognized the comprehensive information infrastructure of Jasmine ii, which enables organizations to use cutting-edge technologies.

Jasmine ii delivers the power to build intelligent e-business applications that leverage CA's patented Neugents technology to predict business opportunities. Neugents enable applications to not only analyze conditions in business markets, but also to predict changes in those conditions and suggest courses of action to capitalize proactively on opportunities to exploit new markets, increase revenue and reduce costs.

Products that advance the age of Java technology are introduced everyday, said Sean Rhody, editor-in-chief of JDJ. We presented CA's Jasmine ii the Editor's Choice Award for most innovative product because it offers the Java community a unique opportunity to create intelligent applications through advanced neural network technology. These applications have the capability to break new ground for business.

Jasmine ii offers a real competitive advantage to business and institutions of every sort, especially on the Web, said David Johnson, CA business manager, information management. Most computer applications are relatively fixed in function once they are written. Jasmine ii allows businesses to create highly manageable solutions that can learn from experience -- just like people. Since Jasmine ii can feed an incredibly broad range of data sources into our patented Neugents technology, Jasmine ii solutions can identify e-business opportunities that would be left undiscovered in conventional systems.