Oracle $ Table Performance Views

These are the Oracle $ (Dollar) tables on which the Oracle $ (Dollar) views rest. The dollar tables are built by the sql.bsq script. This is an editiable script.

Table NameDescription
ACCESS$ Access table for database objects
ARGUMENT$ Procedure argument table which describes procedural arguments
AUD$ Audit trail table containing entries for all audited actions
AUDIT$ Audit options table which tracks activated auditing actions
BOOTSTRAP$ Used during instance startup
CCOL$ Constraint columns
CDEF$ Constraint definitions
CLU$ Clusters
COL$ Descriptions for all columns used
COM$ Object and column comments
CON$ Constant names
DEFROLES$ Default roles assigned to users
DEPENDENCY$ Interobject dependancies
DUAL Single-column, single-valued table for non-directed selects
DUC$ Procedure tracking
ERROR$ Current errors for all users
EXPACT$ Functions to run against tables during export
FET$ Free extents
FILE$ Files in database tablespaces
HISTGRM$ Histogram specifications
HIST_HEAD$ Histogram header data
ICOL$ Index columns
IDL_CHAR$ IDL table for character pieces
IDL_SB4$ IDL table for SB4 pieces
IDL_UB1$ IDL table for UB1 pieces
IDL_UB2$ IDL table for UB2 pieces
INCEXP Incremental export support table
INCFIL Incremental export file names and users
INCVID The identifier for last valid incremental export
IND$ Indexes
JOB$ Database defined jobs
LAB$ Database defined labels
LINK$ Links
MLOG$ Snapshot local master tables
OBJ$ Objects
OBJAUTH$ Table authorisations
OBJPRIV$ Privelages granted to objects
PENDING_TRANS$ Pending or doubtful transactions
PROCEDURE$ Stored procedures
PROFILE$ Profile resource mappings
PROFNAME$ Profile names
PROPS$ Database fixed properties
RESOURCE_COST$ Resource costs used with profiles
RESOURCE_MAP Map of resource number to resource name
RGCHILD$ All refresh group children
RGROUP$ All refresh groups
SEG$ Mapping of all database segments
SEQ$ Sequences
SLOG$ Snapshots on local masters
SNAP$ Local snapshots
SOURCE$ Source code for all stored objects in the database
STMT_AUDIT_OPTION_MAP Mapping of audit actions to audit action names
SYN$ Synonyms
SYSAUTH$ System privelages
SYSTEM_PRIVILEGE_MAP Map of system privelage numbers to privelage names
TAB$ Tables
TABLE_PRIVILEGE_MAP Map of table privelage numbers to privelage names
TRIGGER$ Trigger definitions
TRIGGERCOL$ Map of triggers to columns they are assigned to or work against
TS$ Tablespaces
TSQ$ Tablespace quota grants
UET$ Used extents
UNDO$ Rollback segments
USER$ User definitions
VIEW$ View definitions
_default_auditing_options Map of all default auditing option numbers to names