Oracle Add-On Tables and Utility Scripts

There are many Oracle SQL scripts which are automatically run by the catalog.sql and catproc.sql scripts during automated database builds or must be run manually during a manual build Others optional scripts help with database tuning checking of locking problems and adding useful DBA tables.

Three scripts, catalog.sql, cataudit.sql / catnoaudit.sql warrant attention.

catproc.sql runs all of the dbms*.sql and prvt*.sql scripts. Listed below are useful extra scripts.

The creation of a database is not completed until several scripts have been run. These scripts create data dictionary views and installs the procedure options and utilities (DBMS_packages). Also the catblock.sql, dbmspool.sql and prvtpool.sql scripts must be run. Also execute the catparr.sql script, this installs parallel server views which are useful for tuning purposes.

Oracle General Packaged Scripts