Oracle Metadata Views
ALL_, DBA_ and USER_

The DBA_ views are the DBAs windows into the data dictionary. These views contain condensed versions of the Dollar tables in a readable format. USER_ views provide a similar window into the user/owner object database details for each user. The ALL_ views contain information for every object the user has access to or has the privelage of using. These views are hidden from users by not declaring public synonyms against them. Note that views with the word RESOURCE apply to database profiles. Resources are part of profiles.

The DICTIONARY view shows a list of all data dictionary views in the database.

View NameDescriptionALLDBAUSER
2PC_NEIGHBORS Incoming and outgoing connections for pending transactions   
2PC_PENDING Distributed transactions awaiting recovery   
ALL_TABLES Object and relational tables 000
ANALYZE_OBJECTS Analysed objects in the database   
ARGUMENTS User accessible object arguments 0 0
ASSOCIATIONS User defined statistics 000
AUDIT_OBJECT Audit of statements concerning database objects  
AUDIT_SESSION CONNECT and DISCONNECT audit trail records  
AUDIT_TRAIL All audit trail entries  
BLOCKERS User sessions with a user waiting for the release of a lock   
CATALOG Tables, views, synonyms and sequences 000
CLU_COLUMNS Mapping of table columns to cluster columns  
CLUSTERS Clusters 000
CLUSTER_HASH_EXPRESSIONS Cluster hash functions 000
COL_COMMENTS Table and view column comments 000
COL_PRIVS Accessible column privelages 000
COL_PRIVS_MADE Column privelages granted by user 0 0
COL_PRIVS_RECD Column privelages accessible to a user 0 0
COLL_TYPES Named collection types in the database 000
CONS_COLUMNS Accessible columns in constraint definitions 000
CONSTRAINTS Accessible table constraint definitions 000
CONTEXT Context namespaces  
DATA_FILES Physical database files   
DBA_LINKS Inter-database links
DDL_LOCKS Current DDL locks and all outstanding DDL lock requests   
DEF_AUDIT_OPTS Default object auditing options   
DEPENDENCIES Dependancies to and from objects including types
DIMENSIONS Dimension objecds
DIM_ATTRIBUTES Dimension level to functionally dependent column relationship
DIM_CHILD_OF 1 ... n hierarchical relationship between levels in a dimension
DIM_HIERARCHIES A dimension hierarchy
DIM_JOIN_KEY Dimension table joins
DIM_LEVELS All columns of a dimension level within the same relation
DIM_LEVEL_KEY Dimensional level column
DIRECTORIES Use accessible directories  
DML_LOCKS Current DML locks and all outstanding DML lock requests   
ERRORS Current errors on all stored objects in the database
EXP_FILES Description of export files   
EXP_OBJECTS Objects which have been incrementally exported   
EXP_VERSION Version number of the last export session   
EXTENTS All extents in all database segments  
FREE_SPACE Free extents in all tablespaces  
FREE_SPACE_COALESCED Statistics on coalesced space in tablespaces   
IND_COLUMNS All index columns including all index types
IND_EXPRESSIONS Index expressions for tables and clusters
IND_PARTITIONS Index partitions including statistics and storage parameters
IND_SUBPARTITIONS Index subpartitions including statistics and storage parameters
INDEXTYPES Index types
INDEXTYPE_OPERATORS Index type supported operators
JOBS All jobs in the database
JOBS_RUNNING All currently running jobs (a join of V$LOCK and JOB$)   
LABELS System labels   
LIBRARIES All accessible libraries
LOBS Accessible LOBs
LOB_PARTITIONS Accessible LOB partitions
LOB_SUBPARTITIONS Accessible LOB subpartitions
LOCKS Current locks or latches plus pending lock or latch requests   
LOCK_INTERNAL One row for each current and requested lock or latch   
METHOD_PARAMS Type method parameters
METHOD_RESULTS Type method results
MVIEW_AGGREGATES Materialised view grouping functions
MVIEW_ANALYSIS Materialised views available for further analysis
MVIEW_DETAIL_RELATIONS Materialised view named detail relations (FROM clause)
MVIEW_JOINS Materialised view WHERE clause column relation
MVIEW_KEYS Materialised view keys in FROM clause
OBJECT_SIZE PL/SQL objects byte sizes  
NESTED_TABLES Nested tables in all tables which contain them
OBJ_AUDIT_OPTS Table and view auditing options  
OBJECT_TABLES Object tables
OBJECTS All database objects
OPANCILLARY Operator bindings
OPARGUMENTS Operator bindings
OPBINDINGS Operator bindings
OUTLINE_HINTS Outline hints
PART_COL_STATISTICS Cost-based optimiser statistics collected for partitioned tables
PART_HISTOGRAMS Data distribution for analysed partitions
PART_INDEXES Partition indexes
PART_KEY_COLUMNS Partition keys for all tables and indexes
PART_LOBS LOB table details plus LOB partition details
PART_TABLES Partitioned tables and partition keys
PARTIAL_DROP_TABS Tables having partially dropped tables
PASSWORD_LIMITS User assigned password profile parameters   
PENDING_TRANSACTIONS Incomplete transactions   
PRIV_AUDIT_OPTS Currently audited system privelages   
PROFILES Profiles and their limits   
QUEUES All queues in the database
QUEUE_SCHEDULES Current queued message schedules  
QUEUE_TABLES All queue tables created  
RCHILD All the children in any refresh group   
REFRESH Refresh groups
REFRESH_CHILDREN All objects in refresh groups
REFRESH_DEPENDENCIES Current summary or snapshot dependancies   
REFS REF columns and attributes in object type columns of all tables
REGISTERED_SNAPSHOTS Local table remote snapshots
REGISTERED_SNAPSHOT_GROUPS Site snapshot regroups   
REPCATLOG Asynchronous administration requests
REPCOLUMN Replicated table columns
REPCOLUMN_GROUP Replicated table column groups
REPCONFLICT Users specified resolutions conflicts
REPDDL Arguments which do not fit in a single replicated log record
REPGENERATED Objects generated to support replication
REPGROUP All replicated object groups
REPGROUPED_COLUMN Columns in all column groups of replicated tables
REPKEY_COLUMNS Primary columns for a table using column-level replication
REPOBJECT Replicated objects
REPPARAMETER_COLUMN All columns used for resolving conflicts
REPPRIORITY Values and their corresponding priorities in all priority groups
REPPRIORITY_GROUP All priority groups
REPPROP Propogation information about replicated objects
REPRESOLUTION Conflict resolutions
REPRESOLUTION_METHOD Conflict resolution methods
REPRESOLUTION_STATISTICS Statistics for conflict resolutions of all replicated tables  
REPSITES n-way replication
RESOURCE_LIMITS Current user resource limitations   
RGROUP Refresh groups   
ROLE_PRIVS Roles granted to users and roles  
ROLES Roles   
ROLLBACK_SEGS Rollback segments. Rollback segment states are OFFLINE (not yet aquired by the instance), ONLINE, NEEDS RECOVERY (contains uncommited transaction data whcih cannot be rolled back since datafiles are inaccessible or corrupted), PARTLY AVAILABLE (contains in-doubt transaction data) or INVALID (dropped rollback segment which will be reused when new rollback segments are created).   
RSRC_CONSUMER_GROUPS Resource consumer groups   
RSRC_CONSUMER_GROUP_PRIVS Resource consumer group users and roles granted  
RSRC_MANAGER_SYSTEM_PRIVS Resource system privelages granted  
RSRC_PLANS Resource plans   
RSRC_PLAN_DIRECTIVES Resource plan directives   
RULESETS Rulesets  
SEGMENTS Storage allocated for all database segments  
SNAPSHOT_LOGS Log records of past snapshots
SNAPSHOT_REFRESH_TIMES Snapshot refresh times
SNAPSHOT_LOG_FILTER_COLS Snapshot filtering columns excluding primary key columns   
SOURCE Source of all stored objects
STMT_AUDIT_OPTS Current system auditing options across the system and by user   
SUBPART_COL_STATISTICS Subpartition column statistics
SUBPART_HISTOGRAMS Subpartition histogram details
SUBPART_KEY_COLUMNS Subpartition key columns
SUMDELTA User accessible direct path load entries   
SUMMARIES Summary objects   
SYS_PRIVS System privelages granted  
TAB_COL_STATISTICS Partitioned indexes cost-based optimiser statistics
TAB_COLUMNS User tables, views and cluster columns
TAB_COMMENTS Comments on tables
TAB_HISTOGRAMS Table histogram data
TAB_PARTITIONS Table partitions
TAB_PRIVS Grants on objects
TAB_PRIVS_MADE Privelages made on tables by owner  
TAB_PRIVS_RECD Privelages received on tables owned by other users  
TAB_SUBPARTITIONS Table subpartition details
TABLES Tables  
TABLESPACES Tablespaces  
TEMP_FILES Database temporary file (segments) information   
TS_QUOTAS Tablespace quotas for all users  
TRIGGER_COLS Column usage in all triggers
TYPE_ATTRS Abstract type attributes
TYPE_METHODS Abstract type methods
TYPES Abstract types
UNUSED_COL_TABS All tables containing unused columns
UPDATABLE_COLUMNS All database updatable columns
USERS All users
USTATS Current user information
VARRAYS User accessible text of views, ie. view SQL statements
WAITERS All sessions with users awaiting a lock held by current session