Oracle DML Operators

An operator given a NULL value other than the concatenation operator (||) has a result of NULL. There are a number of types of operators. Operator precedence is the order of evaluation. In general precedence is evaluated from left to right. Parentheses (( ... )) will override precedence. Parentheses contents are always evaluated first. More specifically precedence is governed as in the table shown below.

* and /
+ and -
Binary (=) and concatenation (||)
All comparison operators including NOT, AND and OR

Unary Operators

Unary operators operate on a single operand.

Operator operand

Binary Operators

Binary operators operate on two operands. There are also some special operators for operations on more than two operators.

Operator operand, operand

Set Operators

Comparison Operators

The AND logical operator and the equals (=) operators are the most frequently used.