Oracle Advanced Security

The Oracle Advanced Security option includes encryption and checksumming for network security, single sign-on from a single node and integration of distributed processing over a network. Encryption allows domestic and export 40-bit, 56-bit and 128-bit encryption. Single sign-on allows access to multiple user accounts and applications using one password using an authentication method such as SSL.

Threats to security can originate from a number of sources. These are network sniffing, theft over insecure cable and wireless lines, hijacked inter-nodal network connections or password attacks using utilities like the Unix crack utility. Centralised password management can help to make a network much more secure. Users will often use easy to remember passwords. Simple to remember passwords can be obtained using password dictionary attacks. Users can sometimes use the same password for many accounts or use many different passwords. Complex passwords can be forgotten, administration can be awkward and expensive.

Oracle Advanced Security caters for the following.