Database Design and Modeling in Oracle

The System Development Cycle in Oracle

The System Development Cycle can be placed into five distinct steps. However, note that with the advent of object modeling and design that software construction becomes a much more iterative process. This means that steps can be repeated and even mixed together in any order. Even though Oracle is effectively a relational database, many of the application development tools are generally object oriented in nature. The Internet is object oriented in nature.

  1. Strategy and Analysis - user requirements and system specification.
  2. Design - technical design documentation created from user requirements and specification.
  3. Build and Document - conversion of design into executable software code and data structures.
  4. Transition - user acceptance testing plus final modifications.
  5. Production - pass support of the application to production support and release the application itself to the general user population.
The System Development Cycle

Oracle Database Design Notation

Oracle Database Design Notation