Oracle Built-In Packages

Calendar Calendar maintenance
DBMS_ALERT Database event notification
DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO Application names registration for auditing or performance tracking
DBMS_AQ Add a message to a queue or dequeue a message
DBMS_AQADM Administrative functions on a queue or queue table
DBMS_DDL Stored procedure SQL DDL statements
DBMS_DEFER Replicated transactional deferred remote procedure calls
DBMS_DEFER_QUERY Query replicated transactional deferred remote procedure calls
DMBS_DEFER_SYS DBA query replicated transactional deferred remote procedure calls
DBMS_DESCRIBE Stored procedure arguments
DBMS_DISTRIBUTED_TRUST_ADMIN Determine security of privelaged database links
DBMS_HS Heterogeneous services dictionary
DBMS_HS_PASSTHROUGH Use the heterogeneous services dictionary to send SQL statements to non-Oracle databases
DBMS_IOT Creates a table into which references to the chained rows for an Index Organized Table can be placed using the ANALYZE command
DBMS_JOB Scheduling of jobs
DBMS_LOB Large object (LOB) datatypes access
DBMS_LOCK Lock management
DBMS_LOGMNR The log reader
DBMS_LOGMNR_D Creates text files from dictionary tables
DBMS_OFFLINE_OG Offline master groups
DBMS_OLAP Summaries, dimensions and query rewrites
DBMS_ORACLE_TRACE_AGENT Oracle7 trace agent
DBMS_ORACLE_TRACE_USER Oracle7 public access to tracing
DBMS_OUTPUT Buffer output
DBMS_PCLXUTIL Paritition local indexes
DBMS_PIPE Send piped messages between sessions
DBMS_PROFILER Profile PL/SQL units to identify performance bottlenecks
DBMS_RANDOM Random number generator
DBMS_RECTIFIER_DIFF Resolve data inconsistencies between two replicated sites
DBMS_REFRESH Create groups of snapshots that can be refreshed together to a transactionally consistent point in time
DBMS_REPAIR Repair data corruption
DBMS_REPCAT Replication catalog
DBMS_REPCAT_ADMIN Create users with the privileges needed by the symmetric replication facility
DBMS_REPCAT_INSTANTIATE Instantiates deployment templates
DBMS_REPCAT_RGT Controls the maintenance and definition of refresh group templates
DBMS_REPUTIL Shadow tables, triggers and packages for table replication
DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER_PRIVS Privileges associated with resources
DBMS_RLS Row level security
DBMS_ROWID ROWID administration
DBMS_SESSION Session administration
DBMS_SHARED_POOL Cacheing of objects into a memory into an MRU (most recently used) retention list and not an LRU (least recently used) list
DBMS_SNAPSHOT Snapshot refresh
DBMS_SPACE Segment space details
DBMS_SPACE_ADMIN Tablespace and segment space details
DBMS_STANDARD Language facilities
DBMS_STATS View and alter optimizer statistics
DBMS_TRACE Start and stop PL/SQL tracing
DBMS_TRANSACTION Access to and monitoring of SQL transactions
DBMS_TTS Check self containment of a transportable set
DEBUG_EXTPROC External procedures debugging
OUTLN_PKG Stored outlines administration
PLITBLM Index-table operations
SDO_ADMIN Creation and maintenance of spatial objects
SDO_GEOM Spatial objects geometric operations
SDO_MIGRATE Cross Oracle version spatail objects migration
SDO_TUNE Spatial objects tuning
STANDARD PL/SQL type, exception and subprogram declaration
TimeSeries Time series data operations
TimeScale Scale-up and scale-down functionality
TSTools Administrative tools
UTL_COLL Collection locators to query and update
UTL_FILE Operating system file access and handling
UTL_HTTP PL/SQL and SQL HTTP internet file access and handling
UTL_PG COBOL and Oracle numeric data conversions
UTL_RAW RAW datatype operations
UTL_REF PL/SQL reference datatype access
Vir_Pkg Visual information retrieval functions