Oracle Reports Report Writer

Product Overview

Oracle Reports is a powerful enterprise reporting tool that allows developers to publish sophisticated, high quality reports with unlimited data formatting throughout the enterprise and over the Internet.

Unlimited Data Formatting

Oracle Reports provides complete flexibility in formatting data. It supports multiple report types such as tables, matrices, group reports, and graphs, as well as limitless combinations of these formats. Users can combine multiple queries into a single high-quality report, and can access information from any source, including Oracle, Oracle Express, and databases from other vendors.

High Quality Report Visualization

With its wide reach, ease of use, and familiar access mechanism, the Internet provides the ideal environment for enterprise reporting. No longer must reports be generated by the IT department and distributed, or pushed, to report consumers; users now request information simply by clicking on a link from a standard Web browser. To overcome the formatting limitations of standard HTML, Oracle Reports uses a powerful extension to the HTML standard, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which supports greater numbers of fonts, images, and layout types. Oracle Reports also generates and delivers reports to an Internet browser in Adobe's PDF (Portable Document Format). With One Pass Reporting, Oracle Reports can produce multiple output formats from a single report run, saving both time and system resources.

What is Oracle Reports ?

In today's fast-moving, competitive business world up to date information is needed for the accurate, expedient decision making requirements of an often geographically distributed workforce. The timely distribution of that information must be reliable, cost effective and accessible to everyone who requires it. Oracle Reports provides an easy to use, scalable and manageable solution for database publishing and reporting across the enterprise.

Ease of Use

With the need to provide up to date information in the quickest possible turnaround time you need tools that will allow you to reduce both the time and the cost of delivering this information. Oracle Reports provides an easy to use, productive approach to developing and delivering sophisticated reports in a timely manner.

Features of Oracle Reports

These features dramatically reduce the learning curve for new developers and increase the productivity of experienced staff members enabling them to quickly and easily create complex sophisticated reports.

The Power of Oracle Reports

Oracle Reports leverages the scalability of the Network computing model. The powerful reports server allows you to easily deploy your applications in a multi-tier environment that provides dynamic load balancing utilising an advanced caching technology.

What does Oracle Reports deliver ?

The new reporting model allows you to take advantage of a network computing environment and to disseminate information according to your users demands in the format they require.

Oracle Reports provides the following.

Components of Oracle Reports

Oracle Reports provides a complete environment for the construction of sophisticated reports with a productive easy to use declarative approach to development. The components include.

Reports Builder

An easy to use, wizard driven tool for building sophisticated database reports.

Graphics Builder

A declarative tool for the graphical display of the report data.

Translation Builder

A repository based environment for the management of multiple translations of your reports.


Oracle Reports provides the most productive, easy to use environment to build and publish sophisticated database reports. These reports may be deployed in a multi-tiered architecture that allows companies to reduce the cost of computing while taking advantage of the increased scalability and manageability of Network Computing.

Greater accessibility

Oracle Reports allows you to deliver on the promise of the internet, the intranet and the extranet and provide an extended reach of these technologies to your users, customers and suppliers. With Oracle Reports you may disseminate your database information.

All your data

Oracle Reports is an open solution that can access data from any database you may have in your company including: Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Informix, DB2 Oracle and any ODBC compliant data source.

Reduce the pain

Oracle Reports allows organizations to centralize their reporting process and increase the manageability of reporting, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership of their computing environment. Reports can be scheduled, queued, viewed and reused by users according to their needs. Thin clients, Web browsers or an ActiveX control that can be embedded in third party applications are used to publish reports, eliminating the need to install complex software on every user's PC.

Visit Oracle Corporation for more information and Oracle Technet for more in depth technical details.