The Window Object in VBScript

Window Object Properties

defaultStatusStatus bar default text
documentCurrent window document object
framesCurrent window frames list
historyCurrent window history object
locationCurrent window location object
nameCurrent window name
navigatorCurrent window navigator object
openerThe window object that opened the current window
parentThe frame containing the current window
selfThe current window's Window object
statusSet the current window's status bar text
topThe topmost window object

Window Object Methods

alertDisplays an alert method dialog box
clearTimeoutClears a timer
closeCloses current browser window
confirmDisplays a dialog box with OK and Cancel choices
navigateNavigates the window to a new URL
openOpens a new browser window
promptPrompts the user for input using a dialog box
setTimeoutCalls a function after a period of time has elapsed

Window Object Events

onLoadEvent triggered when page loads
onUnloadEvent triggered when page unloads